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Service Station Equipment Inspection

Dedicated teams to perform current equipment ‘health-check’ functionality. In ensuring all equipments are working within its allowable specifications. Equipments covered for the inspection includes:

  • Fuel Dispenser
  • Fuel Piping
  • Submersible Turbine Pump, STP
  • Automatic Tank Gauging, ATG
  • Overfill Prevention Valve, OPV
  • Line Leak Detection

Fuel System Equipment Installation

Design, installation, testing and commissioning of fuel system equipment for service stations.

Water-In-Fuel Elimination

Providing solutions for water-in-fuel problems for diesel or petrol storage.
Eliminating water presence thus avoiding further bacteria growth and deterioration of fuel quality.

Service Station Preventive Maintenance for Fuel System

Periodical inspection and maintenance parts replacement program to maintain and extend the equipment lifespan and optimizing downtime for service station.

Fuel System Training and Consultancy

Comprehensive Training programs for Fuel System industry and Consultancy services in adding values to organizations who involve in Fuel System.