OPW Tank Bottom Protectors

OPW Tank Bottom Protectors are installed at the bottom of overfill prevention valves or drop tubes to help prevent the underground storage tank from damage or leakage at the fill point due to manual tank gauging with wooden sticks and erosion from dirt or debris.

OPW 6111-1400 Tank Bottom Protector

The OPW 6111-1400 incorporates a sliding bracket that is pop-riveted to the bottom of the drop tube.  This secures the tank bottom protector to the drop tube for easy, reliable installation and removal for servicing the tank.

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Aluminum and stainless steel components

Viton Base Pad

Features & Benefits

  • Viton® Base Pad – Ensures compatibility with current fuel formulations and absorbs impact of wooden gauge sticks to protect the bottom of the tank from punctures.
  • Corrosion-Resistant – Aluminum and stainless steel components provide for a long service life.
  • Unencumbered Vertical Movement – Assures the pad rests on the bottom of the tank and absorbs shock evenly.
  • CARB Approved – Approval Letter #98-12.
  • EVR Approved

Listings and Certifications

Ordering Specification

Product # Height Diameter Weight
in. mm in. mm lbs. kg
6111-1400 13-1/2 333 3-3/4 96 3 1.4

6111-1400 Tank Bottom Protector Instruction Sheet Order Number: H14977PA