OPW 66V Series Breakaways

The OPW 66V Series breakaways are designed and rigorously tested for use in today’s fuels. Installed on fuel dispensing hoses, they will separate at the designed pull force, reducing expensive damage to the dispenser and piping system. Internal dual valves close automatically during separation, stopping the flow of fuel from both the dispenser and the separated hose, reducing environmental and health risks of potential spilled fuel.

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  • UL and ULC listed for use in gasoline, diesel, and up to 10% ethanol blends. See specific listings.
  • Prevents Costly Damage to Dispensers – Pulls apart at less the designed pull force during drive-offs.
  • Certainty of Operation – Designed for single use, so you know it is replaced instead of re-assembled.
  • Prevents Hazardous and Costly Clean Pp – Unique double poppet design closes leak path from both dispenser and separated hose side.
Design working pressure
  • 50 psi (3.45 bar) maximum pressure.


  • Body: Aluminum
  • Seals: Buna-N and Viton®
  • Weight: See matrix in the Ordering Specifications


Listings & Certifications

Ordering Specifications

Product #SizeWeightDescription – Pull Force
66V-03003/4″ F x 3/4″ F (NPT)19 F x 19 F0.60.27Valve/300 lb.
66V-0492*3/4″ F x 3/4″ F (NPT)19 F x 19 F0.60.27Valve for up to E85 / 300 lb.
66V-13001″ F x 1″ F (NPT)25 F x 25 F0.980.45Valve/300 lb.
66H-09753/4″ NPT19 F x 19 F8.03.639 Foot Hose
66V-13501″ F x 1″ F (NPT)25 F x 25 F0.980.45Valve/350 lb.
66-00753/4″ F x 3/4″ M (NPT)19 F x 19 M1.460.66Valve w/ 9″ Hose/300 lb.
66-13001″F x 1″M (NPT)25 F x 25 M2.51.13Valve w/ 12″ Hose/300 lb.
66H-00753/4″ M x 3/4″ M (NPT)19 M x 19 M0.750.349″ Straightening Hose
66H-13001″ M x 1″ M (NPT)25 M x 25 M1.40.6312″ Straightening Hose
66S-00753/4″190.20.1Vinyl Scuff Guard Cover
66S-13001″250.20.1Vinyl Scuff Guard Cover

* 66V-0492 is UL Listed for up to 85% Ethanol

Note: OPW 66V Series Breakaways must always be installed with a “straightening” hose with a minimum length of 9″ for the ¾” Series and a minimum length of 12″ for the 1″ Series, such as the 66H Series hoses.

66V Series 3/4″ Instruction Sheet Order Number: H10993PA

66V Series 1″ Instruction Sheet Order Number: H101833PA

66S Series Instruction Sheet Order Number: H11015PA