OPW 66SP High-Volume Breakaways

The 66SP is designed for installation on fuel dispensing hoses that require a substantial volume of flow, and therefore the potential for a high-volume spill.

The 66SP utilizes shear pin technology to ensure separation at proper pull forces, and limit unwanted valve closures that stop or limit fuel flow. Once separated, a qualified service technician can easily repair the breakaway with an OPW 66PRK Shear Pin Replacement Kit.

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  • Pull Force – the 66SP will separate with a maximum pull force of 600 lbs., and limits fuel spillage from either hose end.
  • Easily Repaired – after separation, the 66SP can be repaired and put back in service with the OPW 66PRK Shear Pin Replacement Kit.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction – physically designed for durability in high-volume environments, including a protective, red, anodized-aluminum body.
  • Low Pressure Drop – valve design ensures superior flow rate for high-volume fills.
  • Special Seals – special fluorosilicone (66SP-5200 only) O-Rings help protect the valve in harsh, high-volume environments.
Design working pressure
  • 50 psi (3.45 bar) maximum pressure


  • Body: Aluminum
  • Seals: Viton®, Buna-N and Flurosilicone
  • Spring: Stainless steel
  • Poppet: Aluminum
  • Weight: 66SP-5150: 1.93 lbs, .87 kg; 66SP-5200: 3.80 lbs, 1.72 kg


Listings & Certifications

Ordering Specifications

Product # Size Weight A B
lbs. kg in. mm in. mm
66SP-5150 1-1/2″ (NPT) 1.93 0.87 2-1/4″ 57 7-5/8″ 194
66SP-5200 2″ (NPT) 3.80 1.72 3-1/2″ 89 7-3/4″ 197


Product # Description
66PRK-5015 Shear Pin Replacement Kit for 66SP-5150
66PRK-5020 Shear Pin Replacement Kit for 66SP-5200

66SP Series Instruction Sheet Order Number: H40128M