623V Pressure Vacuum Vent

Starting with 2010 Models, DEF was required in diesel-powered trucks utilizing Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to meet federal emissions standards.

The dispensing infrastructure at travel centers and fleet refueling sites continues to evolve as DEF compatible equipment is installed.

OPW’s 60V-DEF Shear Valve has a unique coating that allows for DEF compatibility while maintaining the reliable shear performance of cast iron. Third-party tested to ensure compatibility with the ISO 22241 Standard, our new 60V-DEF Shear Valve provides peace of mind and minimizes damage to your DEF Dispensing Equipment in the case of impact collision while preventing product loss.

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  • Top/Body: Polypropylene
  • Base: Anodized aluminum
  • Poppet: Anodized aluminum
  • Screen: Stainless steel mesh
  • Gasket: Closed cell foam

Features & Benefits

  • Pressure/Vacuum Setting – 2.5″ to 6″ water column pressure settings and -6″ to -10″ water column vacuum settings are factory preset and tested.
  • Reliable Service – Cycle tested to the equivalent of 80 years of service in the most severe environment without leakage problems.
  • Corrosion-Resistant Construction – A Duratuff® composite body assures a long service life.
  • Easy Installation – The 623V is available in 2″ and 3″ threaded versions.
  • Complies with NFPA 30 Requirements – for venting gasoline vapors upward.
  • Manifold Vent Pipes – Vent pipes may be manifolded to produce a single Pressure Vacuum Vent line. The 623V exceeds California’s requirements of a maximum vapor leak rate of 0.17 SCFH at 2.00 inches H2O.
  • High Maximum Flow Rate – 6450 SCFH at 2 psi pressure drop.
  • Leak Rate – Multiple pressure vacuum vents may be installed on a single site. The 623V exceeds California standards with a leak rate of 0.05 SCFH or less at 2.00 inches H2O.
  • Maintenance – No tools required. A removable snap fit top allows for easy maintenance (recommended yearly).
  • 100-Mesh Stainless Steel Wire Screens – Helps prevent debris and insects from entering the tank vent lines. An added screen installed at the base prevents debris from intruding from the vent stack.
  • Adaptor Bushing – Removable Hex threaded bushing designed for easy installation on NPT threaded risers. Allows easy access to lower screen.
  • ATEX Approved – For flame arrestor applications.
  • Patent No. WO2004/036096AZ

Listings and Certifications

Ordering Specifications

Product # Description Identification Label Color lb. kg
623V-2203 2.5″ to 6″ WC Pres., -6″ to -10″ WC Vac. Thread-On Yellow 1.55 .70
623V-3203 2.5″ to 6″ WC Pres., -6″ to -10″ WC Vac. Thread-On Yellow 2.20 1.00

623V Instruction Sheet Order Number: H14898M

Conversion Table

In H2O In Hg
Measurement Units = Oz. PSI (WC) (Merc) Bar
Bar x 236.0 14.5 401.4 29.53
In. Hg (Mercury) x 7.843 0.49 13.6 0.034
In H2O (WC) x 0.578 0.04 0.074 0.002
PSI x 16.00 27.68 2.04 0.069
Oz. x 0.063 1.73 0.128 0.004

Replacement Parts

Part Number Description
C05086M Lower Screen
H14895M Upper Screen
C05089 2″ Threaded Base Adaptor
C05122 3″ Threaded Base Adaptor

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