10 Plus Series Emergency Shut-Off Valves

OPW raised the protection standard in emergency valves when it introduced the first double-poppet valve back in 1989. This industry-changing OPW innovation helped to significantly reduce the risk of fire, explosion, personal injury, property damage and environmental contamination at sites around the world. Major oil companies and jobbers agreed that providing added protection for their customers, investments and the environment were the three most convincing reasons for switching to the innovative new valves.

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  • Top: Cast iron
  • Body: Cast iron

Features & Benefits

  • The ONLY emergency shut-off valve in the world designed to protect your customers, investments, and the environment against the potential hazards of undetected shear groove leaks caused by low-impact incidents.
  • The patent-pending SmartGuard™ design contains shear groove leaks, preventing fuel from leaking into sumps to help reduce the risk of fire, explosion, personal injury, property damage, environmental contamination, product loss and costly clean-up.
  • Superior shear groove design and engineering results in reliable valve shut-off in the event of a pull-over or dislodged dispenser – the 10 Plus utilizes the same time-tested field-proven design of the OPW 10 Series Emergency Shut-off Valve – the most specified emergency shut-off valve in the world.
  • Fusible link releases to automatically close the valve to reduce fire hazard.
  • Rigorously tested to meet OPW’s rigid quality standards.

Listings & Certifications

Ordering Specifications

Model No. Body Size Body Weight Connection Threads Poppet Configuration Application Mounting System
in. cm lb. kg
10P-0150 1-1/2″ 4 6.7 3.05 NPT Single Pressure Combination
10P-0152 1-1/2″ 4 6.8 3.1 NPT Double Pressure Combination
NEW E85 10P-0152E85 1-1/2″ 4 6.8 3.10 NPT Double Pressure Combination

10 Plus Series Instruction Sheet Order Number: 201614

PA15 Offset Adaptor

The PA15 Offset Adaptor is designed for adjusting misalignment of pipe in dispenser sumps and suction stubs. The PA15 has a low profile feature, and is designed for maximum flow.




in. cm
A 7-9/16 4
B 2-25/32 4
C 2-21/32 4
D 2-11/16 4
E 2-9/16 4
F 4-21/32 4

Part Number Description
10RPLUS-0150 10 Plus Single Poppet Replacement Top
10RPLUS-0152 10 Plus Double Poppet Replacement Top
202950 Tetraseal
200143 Safety Hub/Fusible Link