LDT-890 & LDT-890/AF

New Model. The LDT-890\AF is designed for today’s “Bio” fuels. While typical blends of Ethanol and Methanol through 20% concentration are fine for the standard LDT-890, higher concentrations and Biodiesel blends above 5% will shorten the service life of the standard LDT-890. The LDT-890\AF is recommended for Ethanol and Methanol blends above 20% and Biodiesel blends above 5%. Additionally, the LDT-890\AF will work with many chemical applications, as well as today’s traditional gasolines, diesel and aviation fuels!

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● Factory Certification for Catastrophic Annual Testing and Troubleshooting
● LDT-890\AF for Alcohols, Biodiesel and some chemical applications
● Ensures regulatory compliance
● Saves time, builds profits
● Any Pipeline System
● Performs 3 GPH @10 PSI
● Precision or Functional Test
● Performs System Diagnostics; trouble shooting
● Accurate Viscosity adjusted leak rate

COMPACT – The LDT-890 comes ready to use. Aluminum case includes: calibration system, easy to read stainless steel pressure gauges, attachment hoses with quick connect fittings, test port bushings and accurate laboratory quality shatterproof polypropylene graduated measurement beakers. Dimensions: 16.0 in. high, 16.0 in. wide, 7.25 in. deep.

CLEAN - with dry break fittings, there is little mess or spillage.

PRECISE – on-site confirmation of leak rate and pressure eliminates guesswork and human error. Laboratory like testing in field conditions. Unlike other equipment, the LDT-890 automatically compensates for fuel viscosity, setting the correct leak rate for annual regulatory testing.

FAST - makes it possible to test multiple leak detectors at one location with amazing savings in operator time.

PROFITABLE – easy setup and operation of the LDT-890, plus customer satisfaction and peace of mind, result in repeat business and increased profit margins.

RELIABLE – reduces replacement of good leak detectors. Meets manufacturer’s specifications and EPA regulatory standards.


●As government and private studies have demonstrated, most fuel contamination from UST systems occurs from pressurized lines.

●EPA regulations governing leak detectors require annual testing of all line leak detectors.

●The LDT-890

-accurate viscosity adjusted leak rate.
-determines whether air is present in the line (bleed back test).
-performs the pressure step test.
-measures to confirm the actual volume of the 60 second leak test.
-simulates dispenser nozzle activation during leak test to confirm 3 GPM “slow flow”.

BEFORE: Leak detector testing had no calibrated leak measurement system.

NOW: The LDT-890 System eliminates guesswork. In its unique calibration mode, it provides on site verification of leak rate.

The LDT-890 is capable of simulating leaks between 1 and 5 gal. per hour @ 10 PSI.

Equipment is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 18 months from the date of sale (see Warranty Card for details).