71JSK Series Jack Screw Kit EVR Approved for E85

The OPW Jack Screw is designed to lock an OPW 71SOM Overfill Valve or 61T-SS Drop Tube into an OPW 1-2100 (or Multi-Port 500) Series Spill Container Base below the outlet of the drain valve.

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Features & Benefits

  • CARB /EVR Approved for use with E85
  • Nickel Plated Aluminum
  • Works in conjunction with our 71SOM for remote fueling applications
  • Includes cages for both cast iron and composite base spill containers
  • Eliminates notorious leak point

Ordering Specification

Product # Description
71JSK-4RMT Remote Fueling Jack Screw Kit E85 EVR Approved
71JSK-44MA Jack Screw Kit for Cast Iron Base Spill Buckets E85 EVR Approved