1-2105 Series Slip-On Spill Containers

OPW Slip-On Spill Containment Manholes are used on new or existing UST riser pipes. The spill bucket slides onto 3″ or 4″ fill and vapor return riser pipes and is then secured in place. Slip-on spill containers provide a fast, economical way to replace uncontained manholes or fill boxes.

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  • Easy Installation – Clamps directly onto a 4″ riser pipe. Reduces job-site time and installation costs; no need to remove, cut or thread riser pipe.
  • Capacity - Available in a true 5-gallon capacity as well as a 15-gallon capacity.
  • Rain-Shedding Cover - Available in either cast aluminum or cast iron, this unique design incorporates a seal in the underside of the cover. The seal seats between two dams on the mounting ring to prevent surface water from entering the spill container.
  • Fuel Compatibility - Designed to accommodate the fuels of the future, including methanol, ethanol and fuels with MTBE additives.
  • Optional Suction Hand Pump - 8 oz. per stroke capacity for high-speed evacuation of excess liquid. Allows user to pump product back into the tank or out of the spill container for proper disposal.
  • Product Identification Tags - Available for both the spill container cover and bucket to positively identify the product contained in the UST with standard API symbols. (See product I.D. tag specification page under the “Multi-Port Spill Containment Manhole” Section for more information.)
  • Offset Base Pipe Entry - 1″ offset allows for proper clearance with close fill/vapor riser spacing on tanks.
  • Heavy-Duty Mounting Ring - The angled ramp design offers superior protection against snow plows and provides for secure concrete anchoring.
  • Highway 20 Rated (H20) - All OPW spill containers and manholes exceed the requirements of the Highway 20 rating.


  • Cover: cast aluminum or cast iron
  • Mounting ring: Duragard® coated cast iron
  • Bellows: polyethylene
  • Base: Duratuff®
  • Clamps: stainless steel
  • Seals: Nitrile

Listings & Certifications

Ordering Specifications

Model Gal. Liter Cover lbs. kg
1-2105 5 19 Aluminum 39 18
1C-2105 5 19 Cast Iron 53 24
1-2155 15 56 Aluminum 45 21

Spill Container Slip-on Model Instruction Sheet Order Number: H12262M


Replacement Parts

Part # Description
1-21AC Aluminum Cover w/ Seal
1-21CC Cast Iron Cover w/ Seal
1P-2105 Optional Hand Pump Kit
H12229M Cover Seal
201567 Inner Bellows
201759 4 x 3 Reducer Insert

1P-2105 Suction Hand Pump