1-2100-EVR Series Thread-On Spill Containers

OPW and Pomeco Spill Containment Manholes are designed to prevent spilled product from entering the soil near the fill and vapor return riser connections on underground storage tanks during normal tank filling operation, or in the event of tank overfill. The spill containers catch spillage to help prevent soil contamination and groundwater pollution. OPW Thread-On Spill Containment Manholes are generally used on new tank or riser pipe installations.

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  • Easy Installation – Reduces job-site time and installation costs. OPW Thread-On Spill Containers screw directly onto 4″ NPT riser. No external connections to make; adjust the final grade height and support the unit with backfill.
  • Integral Pull-to-Open Drain Valve – Allows high-speed drainage of excess product into the tank. Designed with a convenient self-cleaning seal and removable screen for easier component cleaning.
  • Capacity – Available in a true 5-gallon capacity as well as 15-gallon capacity.
  • Rain-Shedding Cover – Available in either cast aluminum or cast iron, this unique design incorporates a seal in the underside of the cover. The seal seats between two dams on the mounting ring to prevent surface water from entering the spill container.
  • Fuel Compatibility – Designed to accommodate the fuels of the future, including methanol, ethanol and fuels with MTBE additives.
  • Product Identification Tags – Available for both the cover and bucket to positively identify the product contained in the UST with standard API symbols. (See product I.D. tag specification page for more information: LINK)
  • Heavy-Duty Mounting Ring – The angled ramp design offers superior protection against snow plow and traffic damage, and provides for secure concrete anchoring.
  • Corrugated Bellows – can be adjusted +/- 1 inch for desired grade level.
  • Duratuff® II or Cast Iron Base – Composite Duratuff® II material is lightweight, durable, and conductive. A rugged optional cast iron base is also available.
  • Highway 20 Rated (H20) – All OPW spill containers and manholes exceed the requirements of the Highway 20 rating.


  • Cover: cast aluminum or cast iron
  • Mounting ring: cast iron E-coating
  • Bellows: polyethylene
  • Base: cast iron E-coating or Duratuff® II
  • Clamps: stainless steel
  • Seals: Nitrile

Listings & Certifications


Ordering Specifications

DEVR Models – Fill Port with Drain Valve

Duratuff® II Base with Drain Valve Models
Model Gal. Liter Cover lbs. kg
1-2100-DEVR 5 19 Aluminum 40 18
1C-2100-DEVR 5 19 Cast Iron 53 24
1-2115-DEVR 15 57 Aluminum 47 21
1C-2115-DEVR 15 57 Cast Iron 60 27
Cast Iron Base with Drain Valve Models
Model Gal. Liter Cover lbs. kg
1-2100C-DEVR 5 19 Aluminum 40 18
1C-2100C-DEVR 5 19 Cast Iron 53 24
1-2115C-DEVR 15 57 Aluminum 47 21
1C-2115C-DEVR 15 57 Cast Iron 60 27

PEVR Models – Vapor Port with Plug

Model Gal. Liter Cover lbs. kg
1-2100-PEVR 5 19 Aluminum 40 18
1C-2100-PEVR 5 19 Cast Iron 53 24
Cast Iron Base with Plug Models
Model Gal. Liter Cover lbs. kg
1-2100C-PEVR 5 19 Aluminum 40 18
1C-2100C-PEVR 5 19 Cast Iron 53 24
4″ Threaded Nipples for Mating Spill Bucket to Adaptor
Part No. Description
TC-400 4″ Torque Cap
H15144M 4″ NPT Nipple, 4″ Length
H12806M 4″ NPT Nipple, 5″ Length
VPN4X7 4″ NPT Nipple, 7″ Length
H15271M 4″ NPT Nipple, 8″ Length
H15268M 4″ NPT Nipple, 10″ Length



CARB Compliant Product

The following products are in compliance with California Water Resources Control Board (W.R.C.B.) for coating of buried metal components, such as stainless steel clamps or entire Spill Containment Bucket bottoms.

  • SL-1100 Urethane Sealant (10.3 oz.)
  • H15002M Black Rubberized Undercoating (19.75 oz.)

W.R.C.B. approved CCR Title 23, Div. 16, Sec. 1631 & 2636

Replacement Parts

Part No. Description
1DK-2100-EVR Drain Valve Kit
1-21AC Aluminum Cover w/Seal
1-21CC Cast Iron Cover w/Seal
H12229M Cover Seal
1PPK-2100 Hand Pump & Plug Kit for 1-2100
1DP-2100 Replacement Drain Plug Kit for 1-2100